The Oscar-winning actress took to Instagram to share a #TBT of her little girl Genesis all dressed up like the superhero.

By Maressa Brown
June 02, 2017

Wonder Woman hits theaters today, and one famous mom's daughter couldn't be more pumped for the badass superhero flick starring Gal Gadot. Oscar winner Viola Davis took to Instagram to share a super-sweet throwback shot of her little girl Genesis Tennon, now 5, dressed up like the DC Comics character a few years ago.

"Genesis at 2 almost 3,” Davis wrote. “She wanted to keep her fro. #WonderWoman! We’re ready!!! #TBT.”

And that wasn't the only shoutout Davis gave the movie on social media. Earlier in the week, Davis tweeted that she's definitely hitting up a screening this weekend.

The How to Get Away with Murder actress is a lifelong fan of the comic book character. She told the editorial director of People and Entertainment Weekly last August, "I grew up trading comic books. Wonder Woman was my hero, that was it for me. I just thought to myself because I was bullied growing up, I said, 'If I could be Wonder Woman I could take care of all the bullies, and I could be cute doing it,' and so that's it." Amazing!

It's so awesome to know she's passing on her love of the strong, powerful—and, sure, also cute!—Amazonian hero to her daughter. Here's to Viola and Genesis and many other mother-daughter pairs feeling even more empowered upon seeing the movie this weekend.


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