In this sweet viral video, a little boy named Roman walks with his crutches and shares the happy news with his dog Maggie. 

By Maressa Brown
August 08, 2018

Like lots of little kids, a boy named Roman Dinkel has a special bond with his dog. They're so tight that he wanted her to be the first to know that he was walking with the help of crutches. Roman was diagnosed with Spina Bifida, which occurs when group of neural tube defects (NTD's) that occur when the baby's developing spine (neural tube) fails to close properly. In turn, the little boy has struggled to walk, but these days, he's doing amazingly well—and you can see for yourself in a viral video. 

In the clip, Roman calls out to his dog, Maggie, to make sure she was seeing what he could do. It will absolutely make your heart melt.

The little boy's family has shared similar, heartwarming clips on Roman's Facebook page "Defying Odds: Roman's Journey."

The Dinkels also have a GoFundMe set up for Roman, on which they're aiming to raise $10K. The page states, "This money will go towards extra medical expenses, medical equipment, and to Roman's personal bank account. We would also like to donate a portion of the proceeds to Spina Bifida of Greater Kansas City." As of August 8, they're more than halfway to their goal.

With hope, Roman's progress only continues to spur celebrations with his pup, family, and whole internet!


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