Neil Patrick Harris posted a video of his household in the morning, and it might look a lot like yours.

By Lindsay Tigar
October 09, 2015
Harper in NPH video
Credit: Neil Patrick Harris via Facebook

We didn't think Neil Patrick Harris and fam could get any cuter, but he proved us wrong with this—wait for it—ADORABLE video. Yesterday, NPH gave us a glimpse into what mornings are like in the Harris-Burtka household, and you might not be surprised to see that it involves a couple of sweet kiddo faces singing over their breakfasts.

The clip shows twin 4-year-olds Harper and Gideon performing (what seems like) their favorite songs: Gideon humming the Star Wars theme and Harper belting out "Good Morning" from Singin' in the Rain. She then showed off her impromptu jingle skills as she explained why she loves her My Little Ponies.

After some healthy sibling bickering on who should have more face time before their pops posts the video to Facebook (or as Gideon refers to it: 'Book face'), the 1-minute clip pans to daddy/hubby David Burtka. When Harris asks how he is, Burtka channels every parent who has a cheery kid in the wee hours of the morning as he holds up his mug and announces that he needs more coffee.

We can't help but adore the loving household that Harris and Burtka have created—and how much fun they seem to be having raising their twins. In an interview with, NPH "‹dished on how much the kiddos bring to his life: "The kids are at a wonderful age where they want to hug and sit on your lap and show you things, and make stuff together."

Who else is hoping Gideon and Harper make an appearance on Harris' new variety show?