Yup, it's as hilarious as it sounds!

By Hollee Actman Becker
January 21, 2016
The BreakWomb boss and kids video
Credit: The Break Womb/YouTube

Ever wonder what would happen if working moms treated their bosses like their kids treat them?

The moms behind YouTube channel The BreakWomb did. So they created a video called "If Moms Treated Their Bosses The Way Kids Treat Their Moms" and the result is pretty hilarious.

The spot opens on an office meeting with a boss named Don asking his "employees" to share with him their second-quarter goals.

Instead, we watch as they yell his name over and over until finally getting his attention, just so they can say "hi" and wave at him excitedly. They distractedly spin around in their chairs while whining and complaining about being hungry and tired (though what kid ever admits to actually being tired?). Then one of them accuses the dude sitting next to her of stealing her pen, and the two get into a heated "did not," "did too" type of debate, while another starts crying that she want to go home.

Oh and then she pees in her pants.

Watch all the fun go down here:

If you like this video, be sure to check out some of The BreakWomb's other greatest hits, like "If Moms Ate Like Their Kids," which features the BW posse licking their food and chewing it up before spitting it out.

"It feels like life continues to get busier and faster, and you have to do more and more for your child to succeed," BreakWomb mom Megan "peed in her pants" Grano previously told Today. "These videos have helped us lighten up about it."

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