All he wanted to find under the Christmas tree was this. And we all cry along with him as his dreams come true!

By Melissa Willets
December 27, 2016

Some kids dreamed of getting Hatchimals and rebooted Nintendo gaming systems for Christmas. But not 11-year-old Landon. All he wanted was to be adopted by his stepdad Daniel Rice so he could share the same last name as the rest of his family.

In fact, Landon had wanted to be adopted by Rice, the husband of 10 years of his biological mom Janelle, for years, according to The Sun.

So on Christmas day, Rice wrapped up a certificate letting Landon know he would be formally adopted in February. Rice began the adoption process months before Christmas to prepare for this emotional moment, according to Mashable.

"[Landon] really wanted to be adopted by [my husband] Daniel and have his last name changed. And we felt it was finally time!" his mom told Mashable, adding that the adoption was just a legality to her and Daniel but meant the world to Landon.

She explained, "When he was about 5 years old we heard it first. Because he said he wanted to 'marry daddy' the way I did, so he could have the same last name." Then in May, when Landon graduated from fifth grade, he told his teachers he wanted to go by Landon Rice. "That's when we knew we had to begin."

A video of Landon unwrapping the certificate was posted to Janelle's Facebook page, where it subsequently went viral, garnering more than 28 million views.

If the footage of Landon's reaction to this longed-for gift doesn't make you mist up, the caption Rice added to her post will: "'It's not flesh and blood, but the heart that makes us father and son.' - Friedrich Schiller. Try not to cry, cry a lot. Merry Christmas to all!"


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