By Ellen Sturm Niz
June 03, 2015
nivea doll

I love summer, love the pool, love the beach. What I don't love is arguing with my eight-year-old daughter every time she needs to put on sunscreen. The way she resists it's like I'm asking her to cover herself with liquid fire—which is, ironically, basically what I'm trying to avoid happening from a nasty sunburn. She runs away, she whines, she pouts, but when I insist that she can't go swimming unless she lets me apply the sunscreen, she begrudgingly lets me put it on her. Albeit with a lot of whining and pouting. (I refuse to run after her anymore.)

When I saw this new ad introducing the Nivea Doll, created by FCB Brasil, I thought: Genius! On one of the most popular beaches in Brazil, these UV-sensitive dolls were handed out to moms and kids. When exposed to the sun, the dolls' skin turns bright red. Apply some Nivea Sun Kids sunscreen, and the burn is prevented. Mothers were able to use the dolls to vividly show kids what happens if they don't use sunscreen. The kids could then sit and apply sunscreen to their dolls while their moms applied sunscreen to them, no running, whining, or pouting. Again, genius!

Unfortunately the doll was only created in limited quantities for this ad campaign and are not available to the public, but FCB Brasil will be creating more for Brazil's beaches next summer and would like to take the idea global. I know I would buy one if I could—what about you?

Ellen Sturm Niz is a New York City-based editor and writer. Follow her on Twitter and Pinterest.