Twitter Is Obsessed With the Way One Dad Followed Instructions to Put His Baby to Bed

Dads everywhere are coming to his defense, while moms are cracking up. 

Dads everywhere are coming to his defense, while moms are cracking up.

Forget mom-brain—Local Baton Rouge mother Ashlie Nicole Williams took to Twitter recently to show that dad-brain is the real deal, too, after her partner, Aaron Cade, made one adorably funny parenting faux-pas. 

One day while Williams was washing the dishes Cade arrived home with their 2-year-old daughter, London. "He told me she was asleep so I told him to just put her in the bed and I’d wake her and bathe her later," Williams told BuzzFeed News. When Williams went to check-up on her daughter, she found that Cade had followed to her instructions exactly, by removing the car seat from the car and putting it into the bed—where he continued to tuck still-sleeping London in. 

"I literally walked out of the room to laugh because I didn’t want to wake her up," Williams said to Buzzfeed. "I turned the light out and left her there." But Williams, who was given a blank stare by Cade when questioning him with a "Really, dude?", couldn't really be upset because he did exactly what she had asked.

Cade's dad brain moment has since gone viral on Twitter—and sparked some people to come to his defense.

smart man, bc as soon as he goes to take her out, boom, she’s up and ready to play. happens every time with mine

— mikeLawMadeIT. (@fuckJohnnn) October 13, 2017

This is why you have to love men. They're as simple as simple gets.

— Shawty Redd (@ImShawtyRedd615) October 13, 2017

He’s doing his best okay

— Broke Bruce Wayne (@YungBamaBoi) October 13, 2017

It's also opened a platform for other moms and dads to share their own LOL parenting experiences:

that’s a guy for you.

— maji. ✨ (@Emajanaeeee_) October 13, 2017

Same for my son!

— domiiii. ? (@domiiiimarieeee) October 13, 2017

I once put a diaper on my daughter AFTER I snapped her onesie together and couldn’t figure out why her mom was crying laughing. ?

— عيسى (@Isa_Of_Tarth) October 13, 2017

Hey, parenting is hard. We say it's good to be able to laugh about it!


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