Watch the hilarious and sweet viral video of big brother Ollie helping his little bro Finn escape from his crib using a chair and some ingenuity.

By Melissa Willets

A new viral video shows 3-year-old and 1-year-old brothers pull off one of the greatest capers in nursery history. Their mission? To get little brother Finn out of his crib. And big bro Ollie will stop at nothing to make it happen.

Parents Bryan and Missy Lanning, of the vlog Daily Bumps, shared the Nest video of their sons plotting Finn's escape on social media, and it quickly went viral.

In the 2-minute-clip, first we see Ollie walk over and get a small chair to aid in his brother's jailbreak.


Then, he lifts it up and over the crib bar.

And proceeds to drop the chair into the crib.

Next, Ollie climbs into Finn's "prison," assuring his little bro, "I got it."

Big bro commences a demonstration on how to climb out of the crib using the chair, which incredibly, Finn attempts to emulate, but his body is not as long as his brother's.

"Jump Finn!" Ollie instructs him from outside the crib. He quickly goes over to lend a hand, and ultimately pulls Finn out of the crib.

Good work, boys! You will clearly make a great team down the road as you strive to pull off other adventures.

Um, incidentally, I am loving this nursery! Awesome storage ideas, and amazing color scheme. And those chairs! I have major nursery envy, Lanning family.

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