You have to see this backyard drive-in bash a grandmom set up in the backyard for her grandkids!
drive-in movie theater nighttime
Credit: Courtesy Jessie Woods

My daughter loves to call me "extra"—which in teen-speak today basically means "over the top."

"You can't just throw a regular party like everyone else," she'll often tell me. And you know what? She's not wrong. What can I say? I'm all about a branded bash with photo booth props, themed giveaways, and a candy bar with custom labels. It's just who I am, OK? So I am totally feeling this "Drive-In" movie night event Sherry Pratt dreamed up for her grandkids, which her niece Jessie Woods then shared on Twitter:

Check out those tiny cars with personalized license plates—so creative! And totally apropos since Woods told that the movie the kids were watching was actually Cars 2.

Pratt, who has six grandkids, told ABC News that she got the idea for the backyard bash when she was scrolling through Amazon one night and came across the movie projector.

"I thought, 'Wouldn't it be fun to have an outdoor movie night?'" she recalled. "So I made these cars out of these little boxes for them."

She also prepped trays of candy, popcorn, and bite-sized corn dogs for the mini-drivers to snack on while they watched Lightning McQueen and Mater head overseas to take on the World Grand Prix.

drive-in movie theater snacks
Credit: Courtesy Jessie Woods

"The kids had a great time and everyone was able to spend time together," Woods told "My aunt just wanted to do something nice for them to make memories."

Mission accomplished. Or as Lightning would say: Ka-Chow!

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