It's hard to find fun this pure! Perhaps that's why this second-grade class's survey has attracted so much attention.

By Melissa Willets

A project aimed at helping her second-grade class learn about surveys and graphs has gotten so much bigger than Ms. Kara Porter of North Vermillion Elementary School in Cayuga, Indiana could have imagined.

Her simple Facebook post inviting people to answer a series of student-generated questions has gone viral, drawing thousands of responses from as far away as the U.K., France, Sweden, Canada, Puerto Rico, Finland, Tasmania, and South Africa.

According to BuzzFeed, as of Wednesday, the survey has received more than 230,000 responses. The reason it seems to be gaining so much attention is due to its wholesomeness. Sample questions include, "What kind of food do you like?" (Answers: Pizza or soup.) And, "Do you like Legos?" (Yes or no.)

BuzzFeed also reports that Ms. Porter put the link to the survey up on the classroom Smart Board and the kids greatly enjoyed watching the responses come in, in real time.

"You can just watch that number tick, tick, tick, just counting up, and they'll squeal every time we hit a big milestone. They've been joking that we broke the internet. Every time I go to refresh and it won't work, they're like, 'Ah, we broke the internet again!'" she said.

You can take the survey here. Unless, of course, the site crashed again, as it did when I tried to log my answers!

Melissa Willets is a writer/blogger and soon-to-be mom of 4. Find her on Facebookwhere she chronicles her life momming under the influence. Of yoga.


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