See what happens when parents catch their twin toddlers' adventures on a night cam.

Crib and nursery
Credit: PhotoAlto/Ale Ventura/Getty Images

One of the awesome things about having twins is that your kids will be able to grow up with one another and be able to entertain one another. Of course, no parent puts their twins to sleep for the night hoping that the pair will build pillow forts, chit-chat, and do gymnastics all night long. Yet, that's exactly what 2-year-old twin boys Andrew and Ryan Balkin did, as documented by a hilarious time-lapse video that's being shared like crazy on Facebook.

The clip, shared by dad Jonathan Balkin, currently has 11 million views, more than 24K comments, and 108K shares! In the viral video, which is fittingly set to circus music, we get to see a whole night-in-the-life of these energetic boys, including two attempts by Mom and Dad to get the pair to get some Zs. Check it out.

The boys' Jonathan and Susana Balkin, who live in New York, told that the family is “overwhelmed by the outpouring of love" they've received in the wake of the video blowing up on social media. Apparently, this has been an ongoing challenge for the family, as the boys have been pulling these toddler-style all-nighters for three months. Jonathan said he and his wife "slowly removed everything and bolted the furniture to the walls." They tried having the boys sleep in beds, as opposed to cribs, but that only worked for one night, because they were "nonstop," Jonathan explains to the news outlet.

As entertaining as it is to watch these two little night owls, their adorable antics are no doubt thoroughly exhausting for their folks! Fingers crossed they start trading their sleepover-style fun for some actual sleep, so their parents can get some well-deserved rest!