This family should be everyone's #coparentinggoals, as shown by these amazing pictures from a recent trip to Disney World.

For some divorced couples, the term "successful co-parenting" may seem like an oxymoron, A.K.A. impossible. But photographer Joe Hawkey recently showed that in fact, it can happen. His photos of a recent trip to Disney World with his 7-year-old daughter Maddie's mom, Tiffany Bankert, his wife Brianna, and Bankert's husband, Luke, is going viral and inspiring other families.

In the photos, the fivesome can be seen walking side-by-side on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom. All four co-parents are wearing tee-shirts with "#co-parenting" written on the back. Maddie's shirt adorably reads, "#bestdayever."


Another photo shows both Maddie's mom and her stepmom enjoying the day with her.

maddie and her mom and step-mom

Hawkey told Pop Sugar that they had to work to get to this magical moment. He said eventually they got here because "all of us [were] able to understand the love we have for the same child. We all want her to succeed in life. She is our number one priority."

#co-parenting at disney

He also told about their advice to struggling co-parents: Don't give up! "Keep trying," Hawkey says. "The joy your child has when all of their parents are together and getting along is priceless."

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And the photos from Disney, especially the smile on little Maddie's face, are the proof that all the hard work and compromise is worth it.

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