This Video Will Help You Explain to Your Kid What Transgender Means

Queer Kids Stuff is back with "T is for Trans," a simple way to explain what transgender means.

Queer Kid Stuff has just released the final episode of its first season, and this time, our favorite talking stuffed bear Teddy is back to help kiddos understand what it means to be transgender.

Pretty timely!

The quirky web series is known for introducing different queer identities to kids by making them fun and easy to apprehend. In the past, it has taken on topics such as feminism, homophobia, and the acronym LGBTQ. This time, QKS is breaking down what is means to be transgender in an episode titled "T is for Trans!" Because while our kids may be hearing the word tossed around a lot in the news lately, the concept can be sort of tricky for them to fully grasp. Enter Teddy and Queer Kid Stuff creator Lindsay Amer.

"Not all people identify with their assigned gender," Amer explains in the clip. "When a person does not identify with the gender they are assigned when they are born, they are trans or transgender." She then spells out the word with some old-fashioned building blocks.

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"Explaining what trans is to kids can be incredibly intimidating," Amer explained to The Huffington Post. "But it is exceedingly necessary today with people like Laverne Cox, Janet Mock, and Caitlyn Jenner telling their stories and coming into the limelight. Kids are coming out as trans at very young ages, taking hormone blockers, and transitioning before puberty. I want to make sure kids are informed about trans topics so those struggling with their assignment early on can better understand."

Mission accomplished. Watch the rest of the Queer Kid Stuff installments over on its YouTube page.

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