A school in North Carolina just tested a pilot program to alleviate traffic at school drop-off. It didn't work.

By Hollee Actman Becker
David Bruce/YouTube

There is nothing I hate more than sitting in the elementary school car line for drop-off each morning. And then again for pickup in the afternoon. It is literally the BIGGEST waste of time because it takes like 30 to 40 minutes to move to the front of that thing. Twice a day. Every. Single. Day.

Is there a bus my kid could be taking? Sure. But while we live only six minutes from the school, we are the very first stop on the route. Which means my kid would have to ride Big Yellow for close to an hour. So I do what almost every other overprotective parent in the district does—but which mine never, ever did—I drive my son to school every day and contend with the line, then complain about it in blog posts and on social media.

Don't hate the player guys, hate the game. Because evidently, our school district isn't the only one in the country where this type of ridiculousness goes down. Don't believe me? Just check out this time-lapse video of school drop-off at Unionville Elementary School outside Charlotte, which perfectly showcases the parent-chauffeur insanity in all its suburban, grid-locked glory:


According to David Bruce, the guy responsible for posting this thing on Youtube, what we're actually seeing is an attempt by the North Carolina Department of Transportation to stop Unionville's traffic from backing up into the highway by implementing a double car lane scenario. Sadly, the plan didn't work, and you can see the traffic spilling onto the highway shortly after 7:00 a.m.

Such a bummer. I was hoping the two lane thing would turn out to be the carline panacea we've all been praying for. But it looks like it's back to the drawing board. I mean, someone's got to be able to find a solution to this mess eventually...right?

Whatever. In the meantime, at least we have fun Snapchat filters now to break up the monotony and help pass the time.


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