Teens are taking this fun first-day-of-school challenge—and we approve! We probably wouldn't wear some of these outfits, though...

By Zara Husaini Hanawalt
August 16, 2017
Weird selfie
Credit: iordani/Shutterstock

Social media challenges aren't always fun and games. Teens have started some seriously dangerous fads, from the deceptively scary eraser challenge to the outright terrifying "salt and ice" challenge.

With all the crazy trends out there, it's totally understandable for parents to fear these social media phenomena—but the newest teen challenge is actually really innocuous (at least as far as we can see!) and a lot of fun.

Kids are putting a hilarious spin on the first day of school by choosing some wacky outfits to wear to class. They're essentially donning some outlandish looks and uploading selfies to social media along with promises to wear said outfits if they get a certain number of retweets. The outfits include everything from a mom-jeans-and-dad-sweatshirt combo (though, to be fair, you could probably see an adult rocking this outfit ironically) to a leotard-and-gym-shorts ensemble (the Saved by the Bell vibes are strong with this one).

As exciting as the first day of school is, the days leading up to it can be so full of anxiety, and we love that this challenge gives teens the chance to have a bit of fun with what can be a stressful day.  Choosing your first day of school outfit is such a rite of passage—after all, how many of us can remember laying out our outfits the night before a new school year began as teens? It was definitely one of the more exciting parts of the whole experience, and the fact that teens are putting their own silly spin on it is pretty cool—if nothing else, this is way, way better than the once-viral cinnamon challenge.

What do you think about this challenge? Would you find it amusing if your teen decided to wear a crazy outfit to the first day of school? More importantly, would you let him or her raid your closet for said outfit?

As far as social media challenges go, this one is pretty tame....and for that reason, it gets our stamp of approval.