Every parent will feel this mom's pain as she fights for a moment for herself in the bathroom.

A new viral video proves nowhere is sacred for moms who want to sneak in some "me time."

The footage that is oh-so-relatable to parents everywhere shows almost-3-year-old Noelle adorably pestering her mom, Leah Hazley, as she attempts to use the bathroom in privacy.

The nurse, blogger, and mama-of-two (her younger daughter is 6 months old) impressively, patiently answers her daughter's questions and listens to her comments, but ultimately asks Noelle several times if she can finish, and can she please close the door.

Noelle listens. But then, about one second later...she's back.

"Let me know when you're coming out," Noelle tells her mom, repeatedly, from the open door.

After the short video ends, we're pretty sure Noelle isn't done "checking in" on Hazley. But as she told The Huffington Post, dealing with her daughter's interruptions is "easier than hearing her yell and scream if I decide to close and lock the door. It's much more peaceful this way."

As a mom of a 3-year-old, I can totally relate to this sentiment! Although my daughter requires "privacy to do her business," she hasn't quite figured out that I might desire the same. She'll saunter right into the bathroom when I'm in there, and just start chatting away. Or ask me to dress a doll, help her put on a costume, or read her a story. Because clearly I'm not doing anything important.

The best is that my older kids still act as though a closed door means nothing as well. Even my husband and dog come right on in unless I lock the door. But that barely helps. My family will just stand outside the bathroom and ask me questions, and knock about every 14 seconds, until I come out.

Sigh. Maybe I'll get some privacy in about 18 years... when the baby I'm pregnant with now goes off to college! In the meantime, I asked Hazley for some tips on being more patient when it comes to bathroom intrusions.

"I really wish I was this patient with her in all aspects of my parenting life, but that's just not true," Hazley admits. "In this case, I am so used to her doing it that now I can only laugh! This time I just decided to hit record."

Melissa Willets is a writer/blogger and soon-to-be mom of 4. Find her on Facebook where she chronicles her life momming under the influence. Of yoga.