In response to the popular maternity milk bath photos, this photographer mom decided to celebrate life with a toddler by bathing in a tub full of wine.


Brittney Nicole Studer may be a professional wedding photographer, but she's also the mom of an 18-month-old boy. So she knows only too well the allure of a wine bottle at the end of a long day. Which is why when her little guy was busy catching some Zs one afternoon, she headed into the bathroom with a bottle of Beringer and had her husband snap some seriously hilarious yet also spot-on shots of her cradling it in the tub. The photo series deliciously parodies the whole milk bath photo trend thing, and we're loving it.

“Everyone in photographer groups are literally obsessing over milk baths,” Studer told us. “I like to find the funny side of things and knew I could turn this into something funny.”

And that she did. Take a look:

mom of toddler in wine bath
Credit: Brit Nicole Photography
mom drinking wine in wine bath
Credit: Brit Nicole Photography
mom taking wine bath
Credit: Brit Nicole Photography

"While everyone is obsessing over milk baths, I'm obsessing over nap time," Studer explained on her website, where she shared a few of the images. "Those magical moments when your baby is asleep and you finally have time to just do whatever you want. Can I get an Amen! While babies need milk baths to renew their skin, Mommas need wine baths to renew their souls."

A-men! A tub full of wine? Sign. Me. UP. Seriously—just skip the goblet and hand me a big old straw! I'd probably use white wine though—perhaps a nice oaky Chardonnay?—since the thought of cleaning up all those inevitable drips of red off the bathroom floor would probably have me too stressed out to relax in the first place.

Anyway, we were wondering how the whole photo sesh went down, so we asked the entertaining mama to give us the 4-1-1.

“One day last week my husband walked in the door and I said, ‘Okay...I have this idea, and you're going to have to roll with it. No questions asked," she explained. “I put the baby down for his much-needed nap (teething is HARD). I went and grabbed the only wine we had in the house, put my make-up on, threw flowers in my hair that we had from a session a few days before, and grabbed my son's Elmo bath colors.”

Hold up. You mean it’s not actually wine in that tub but regular old water coloring tablets? We’re just gonna pretend we didn’t hear that. Salut!

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