This hilarious video imagines a husband and wife texting about girls' night out, and what would happen if both parents said what they were really thinking.


The other night my husband was standing in the kitchen in front of the refrigerator, door open.

"Do we have anything to eat?" he asked, sticking his face inside.

"Are you blind or just stupid?" I quickly fired back. Well, at least in my head that's what I said. In reality, I sighed and walked over, then I started pointing out all the options that were basically staring him in the face. And I did it with a smile.

It's called taking the high road, people. You've been there, right? But do you ever wonder what would happen if all of us parents decided to just go low instead and simply blurted out the very first thing that pops into our heads? Well, the folks over at the Open Minded Mothers Facebook group are here to show us exactly what that might look like. Check out the following now-viral text exchange they created between a fictitious husband and wife using an app called TextStory.

So THAT's what's really happening when we're stuck on the receiving end of those annoying three little dots! Pretty hilarious, right? And yet also way too real.

No, we don't think all dads are helpless. We just totally know from experience that when our partner gets a child-free night out, we suddenly want one too! And both parents deserve a break every now and then. In fact, we think this whole exchange would still be pretty accurate (and funny) if the husband and wife traded roles. Except for the part where the wife says she and her girl posse are probs headed to the movies. Because what stessed-out mama wastes a perfectly good GNO on a movie? Let's go get some DRANKSSSSS, ladies!

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