Christin Koch captured the moment her dad re-proposed to her mom, who is battling breast cancer.

By Hollee Actman Becker

An Iowa couple is currently going viral after their 18-year-old daughter Christin Koch—a Demi Lovato dead ringer—tweeted out photos of them getting re-engaged 26 years after they first tied the knot.

So sweet! But what makes this story even more amazing is the reason behind dad Jim's big move. His wife Lora was diagnosed with breast cancer a little over a month ago, so he decided to go out and buy her a new ring while she was home recovering from surgery, then get down on one knee to make sure she knew that when he said "in sickness and in health" all those years ago, he really meant it.

Awwww. Is that not the cutest thing you've ever seen? Christin told that her mom's original ring had been too small for awhile—she knew she'd get a new one, she didn't know when. So she was completely shocked by the re-proposal—and by the beautiful new ring Jim had made with diamonds from her original version.

"After he gave her the ring and left the room my mom told me, 'This is what true love really is, even when I look like this he still loves me'," Christin told Cosmo. "'As unattractive as I feel right now I can't believe I deserve something so beautiful.'"

Jim & Lora forever!!! Seriously, these two are total GOALS. Or as Christin's sister Anna summed it up over on her own Twitter account: "If I ever have a love that's half as wonderful as theirs, I'm set," she wrote. "They're the coolest."


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