These sixth graders are learning about the globe in a truly fun, engaging way.

By Melissa Willets
August 31, 2017

Geography. Not the most interesting topic for some students. But those kids clearly don't have Erica Buddington as a teacher. This sixth grade educator made up a rap to help her class learn about the location and weather of different parts of the world, and now, her lyrics, set to Cardi B's song "Bodak Yellow," are going viral online.

Buddington, who teaches at Capital Preparatory Harlem School, shared a video of herself rapping to her sixth graders on Twitter, where it has since garnered 52,000 retweets, and 110,000 likes at time of writing.

"Rapped a map version of #BodakYellow for my babies today," this awesome teacher wrote as a caption to her rap.

My favorite thing about this video is how excited the kids are to learn this way. Buddington has clearly engaged them in topics like the equator, latitude and longitude, and continents with her unique approach.

Buddington shared the lyrics on Twitter, writing that educators should always share the wealth. Love this! The performance artist and author also shared this update, "Students received the lyrics yesterday at the end of class. They knew the entire song by this morning."

Comments to her rap have been very positive, with parents pledging to share her lyrics with their own kids, and others saying her enthusiasm for teaching her students is very inspiring. One commenter wrote, "You're the kinda teacher they won't ever forget."

She tells exclusively: "People have shared it because they see the students' reactions. Students were hearing it for the first time and they were hype." Buddington also told us, "I think once I posted the lyrics...folks were shocked to learn that all of the continents, oceans, and hemispheres were mentioned."

Buddington isn't the first teacher to employ rap in an effort to meet kids on their level. Last year, Chicago educator Mr. Dwayne Reed went viral for his rap welcoming his fourth graders to a new school year.

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