Fisher-Price's heartwarming video shows real kids learning about the world through play.
Fisher-Price play video
Credit: Fisher-Price/YouTube

For any parent who has sent a child off to school and wondered if he or she is ready, this video from Fisher-Price is for you. 'A Film By You' reminds us our kids are learning through play from the moment they are born.

As I've seen firsthand, children grow and develop so much from birth through the first few years of life, until eventually they are ready to go off to school on their own. From sharing, to not giving up, to knowing their colors, letters, and animals, it all comes together as they run, jump, and play.

The jumping, running, and playing little ones featured in Fisher-Price's new minute-long movie are real kids, with real parents who watched them grow and learn, in six different countries. Created with user-generated content from the brand's Facebook page, 'A Film By You' is filmed through a kids' perspective, and shows the joyful process of learning about the world through play.

"This film celebrates parents unlocking their child's unique potential through play," said Jean McKenzie, EVP of Fisher-Price Global Brands, in a press release. "Giving children time to play culminates in a joyful childhood experience and, importantly, leads to healthy development. Engaging in playful interaction, starting from birth, helps children build cognitive skills, confidence, social bonds, and many other growth aspects that get them ready for that first day of school."

So the next time you worry your child won't be ready for school, because all he or she knows how to do is play, remember how vital play is in development. This is how kids learn, and should never be considered a waste of time!

"With love and room to play they'll be ready," says the message at the end of this sweet video.

I hope this video provides you with the same reassurance it did for me that my soon-to-be kindergartner and preschooler are doing just fine.

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