A new streaming service launching this spring will offer a library of 5,000 classic cartoons including "Scooby Doo," "The Flintstones," "The Jetsons," and other favorites.

By Hollee Actman Becker
March 08, 2017
the jetsons classic cartoon
Credit: Hulton Archive/Stringer/Getty Images

Time to start stocking up on Scooby snacks, because there's a new streaming service called Boomerang launching soon that will feature episodes of classic MGM, Warner Bros., and Hanna-Barbera cartoons like ''The Flintstones," "The Jetsons," and "Scooby Doo."


Of course, Boomerang isn't actually new—it started as a programming block in the 90s before becoming its own channel dedicated to screening old-school faves like "Looney Tunes" and "Tom and Jerry." Now Time Warner will launch Boomerang out of the Stone Age and into the streaming space sometime this spring. And while an ad-free subscription will set you back $4.99 a month, it will grant you access to 5,000 cartoons that can be viewed online via your web browser or through mobile apps on Apple and Android, with plans to eventually expand streaming to your flat screen via Roku and Apple TV.

Pretty cool, right? I can't wait to revisit "The Jetsons" to see how much of their wacky, futuristic technology was totally on point. I mean, Rosie the maid was basically a Roomba. And those morning masks Jane Jetson held up to cover her pre-made-up face while chatting on her video phone were totally the precursor to Snapchat filters, am I right?

Anyway, in addition to all the classic cartoons available, Boomerang promises to unveil some new, original programming as well, including Warner Bros. Animation's "Dorothy and the Wizard Of Oz," a new spin on the classic tale; a series called "Wacky Races," an update of a 1968 slapstick series that featured Hanna-Barbera characters racing around the world; plus new versions of "Scooby-Doo," "Tom & Jerry," and "Looney Tunes".

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