This Single Dad's Christmas Hair Creations for His Daughter Are Crazy-Amazing!

You kind of aren't ready for this dad's uber-impressive hair-styling know-how.

Colorado single dad Greg Wickherst adorably took hair-styling lessons so he could do his daughter Izzy's hair. But he doesn't just pull her thick, blonde tresses back into a ponytail, or attempt a French braid and call it a day. This dad's hair-styling skills are crazy-amazing. And for the holidays, Wickherst has really outdone himself. He chronicles his worship-worthy 'dos on Facebook, and says styling Izzy's mane is more than just an attempt to impress the pants off everyone who comes across the pics; it's a bonding opportunity for him and his little girl.

"We listen to Christmas music, we drink hot chocolate, we sing songs," Wickherst told BuzzFeed News. Go ahead, say it with me: Awww!

All of his hair fashions are impressive, but my fav has to be this snowman.

Um, wow. Kids, don't expect Mommy to attempt this one! Although, incredibly, Wickherst "the hair wizard" says styling Izzy's hair like this only takes him about 20 minutes.

Izzy clearly loves her daddy-daughter bonding time. And who wouldn't? Imagine showing off these styles at school!

Wickherst's creations range from sophisticated to silly, like this too-cute Rudolph-inspired 'do, a close runner-up for pretty much the most originally awesome hair style I've ever seen. Like, ever.

And check out this Christmas tree style (constructed for Crazy Hair Day at school, of course!).

But even when it isn't the holiday season, Wickherst still styles Izzy's hair to impress.

What a lucky little girl to have a dad who isn't letting gender stereotypes hold him back from becoming the sickest braider on the Internet!

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Happy holidays to them, and to any parent-and-child team who finds a fun way to bond, be it over hairstyles, movies, games, or any other activity they both love.

Melissa Willets is a writer/blogger and a mom. Find her on Facebook where she chronicles her life momming under the influence. Of coffee.

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