What does this single dad want from his first night off in a while? A bowl full of Thai food in his car. Alone.


I remember one of the first times I hired a sitter after my daughter was born. She was a colicky baby, cried nonstop, and I was looking forward to spending some well-needed time away from the house. I figured I'd treat myself to a manicure or take a mind-soothing yoga class, because after all that screaming, I had definitely earned it.

But by the time the sitter appeared on my doorstep later that afternoon, I was totally exhausted and the thought of dragging myself around town was almost too much to bear. So I walked out to my car, then doubled back, snuck in through the garage, and tiptoed up to my bedroom where I proceeded to shut the door and get in bed to watch three back-to-back episodes of The West Wing without interruption.

It was pure bliss! Best $15/hour I ever spent! And a great reminder that when you've got a rare few hours to yourself as a new parent, it truly doesn't matter what you do, as long as it makes you happy! Which is why I found this father's post on Reddit super relatable:

"I'm a single dad and I recently hired a nanny," he wrote. "This is how I'm spending my first free night in a long time. Eating Thai take out in my truck in a Kohl's parking lot. Pandora on, a light rain fall... I'm in heaven."

Slow. Clap. Life is all about balance, right? Being a parent is hard work. And while I'm sure this dad enjoys being with his kiddos, having a break from time to time is just as important. It's nice to see this single dad enjoying his alone time. Keep finding those moments full of zen and drunken noodles wherever you can!

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