Can you bottle a feeling? Serge Luten has attempted to recapture the scent of a child losing his or her first tooth.

By Hollee Actman Becker
July 10, 2017
losing first tooth
Credit: ChameleonsEye/Shutterstock 

Remember back in 1993 when one of the Kiehl's founders started Demeter Fragrances in order to turn everyday odors like dirt, grass, and tomato into wearable personal colognes? I purchased the Grass one and loved it so much that I eventually added both the Bady Powder and Play-Doh scents to my collection. There was just something so nostalgic about the childhood smells that put me in a good mood the minute I spritzed them on.

Now there's a new sentimental scent making the rounds. It's from Serge Luten and it's called Dent de Lait—and yes, it's meant to smell like teeth. Or rather, like the experience of losing your first tooth.

So what does that smell like, exactly? I haven't been lucky enough to score a bottle in order to actually sample it. But according to Kathleen Hou at The Cut it smells kind of like one of those milky hard candies you got from your grandma back when you were a kid.

"Oh, this is sweet and kind of nostalgic, you think," she wrote. "And then at the very tail end of the fragrance, you get a metallic tinge, not unlike the sharpness you might feel in your mouth if the dental hygienist poked too intensely at a tender spot."

Ew. And there's even a creepy video of kids getting their teeth pulled using the old door-and-string technique to go along with the launch:

Totally makes you want to run out and buy this stuff now, doesn't it? JK—I think I'll stick with my Grass.

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