We dare you not to cry when you watch this sweet story.


A new Christmas commercial out of Poland is guaranteed to make you cry, or your money back. Not really, but I swear on a tin of my mom's famous holiday butter cookies you will mist up at the end of this ad.

In the beginning of the ad, we meet an elderly man who orders a starter kit called "English for Beginners" from an online auction site called Allegro.

english for beginners
Credit: Allegro/YouTube

Then, he goes about basically making learning English his life's mission, labeling everything in his home, including his dog.

new christmas ad makes you cry
Credit: Allegro/YouTube

We watch as he practices phrases like "I love you," and "Hello, my name is..." and "You are perfect," over and over again, in the bath, on the bus, and in every room of his house.

Then we see the man order and receive a suitcase, and he's off... somewhere.

polish holiday ad
Credit: Allegro/YouTube

He's clearly anxious to meet whomever it is that he has been perfecting his English for. I don't want to spoil the surprise, but let's put it this way: The payoff of this 3-minute commercial is 100 percent worth it, and is far sweeter than what you are imagining. And not only will you be wiping away tears, but you will also yearn to be with loved ones, no matter how far away, this holiday season.

"Christmas for many is a difficult time in which we yearn for more. But the story we are telling is all-purpose and can be easily understood by any other nation or community who can easily link the happy ending of a smile and tears of emotion to their daily human experience," a spokesperson for Allegro explained to BuzzFeed News.

Feeling it over here. Sniff. How about you?

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