This Mom's Video Nails What It's Like Trying to Get a Toy Out of Its Box

Hint: She may or may not end up using a drill.

The holiday season is finally here! You've spent hours battling the crowds and trudging through the mall in order to get your kids exactly what they want. You even brought your A-game to the tedious chore of wrapping all those suckers up in seasonal paper with big coordinating bows. Now the big day has arrived, which means it's time to hand those babies out and breathe a huge sigh of relief because your work here is done.

Except that it's not. Because you've still got one more job and it's a big one: Wrestling all those coveted toys out of the manaufacturer's packaging while your kid looks on and pleads for you to hurry up

Total buzzkill, right? And vlogger Tova Leigh has detailed the whole infuriating process to hilarious effect in her new YouTube video When You Try To Take A Toy Out Of The Box.

First, the excited mama tries busting open the gift using just her bare hands. Rookie mistake. So she grabs a pair of scissors and starts slicing into the box. Still no dice. Because as every parent knows, getting the toy out of its outer cardboard package is the easy part. The real killer is removing that bad boy—or in this case, girl, since the toy in question is a Cinderella Styling Head—from it's second inner clamshell container, the one done up with heavy duty tape and twist ties.

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"Don't worry, Mommy's got the screwdriver," Tova confidently informs us. But 20 minutes later, Cinderella is still stuck inside her castle, so to speak, even though the frustrated mom has now busted out a hammer and is haphazardly swinging away.

Can you guess how this all turns out?

Hollee Actman Becker is a freelance writer, blogger, and a mom. Check out her website for more, and then follow her on Twitter at @holleewoodworld.

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