This Mom's Post Will Make You Feel Like a Queen, Even if You Feel Like a Mess

Messy hair and no makeup? Yup, you're a queen, according to this mom's powerful post.

Mom as Queen
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Most days, I wear yoga pants and a ponytail, and not a shred of makeup. So like many moms, I wouldn't exactly say I feel like a queen; I'm more like a servant, taking care of my kids' every need!

Writer and mom Brea Schmidt also runs around feeling less-than-glamorous, and recently shared a photo of her signature mom hairstyle on Facebook. It's a stretchy headband to keep her hair out of her eyes; you know, like the one you're probably wearing right now, and like I have on standby in my purse.

But it turns out her daughter doesn't see her mama's headband as just a go-to busy mom style. As Schmidt wrote as a caption to her photo on her Facebook page The Thinking Branch, that headband symbolizes, well, royalty, to her little girl.

In her post, Schmidt starts by recounting a conversation she had with her daughter. Funny enough, I've had this exact same conversation with my daughters on countless occasions.

"My daughter: Mommy, who are your favorite princesses?

Me: I really like Belle, and then Ariel second.

Her: I like Elsa, Anna and Belle. And then Moana, Rapunzel and Sofia.

Me: Thats a lot of princesses!"

But then, this mom's run-of-the-mill chat with her little one took a super-sweet turn. Schmidt shares the rest of the conversation:

"Her: You know who my favorite queen is?

Me: Who?

Her: You. You're my favorite queen."

Ready for this adorableness? Schmidt's daughter believed that mom headband was a crown.

"Well, shoot ... maybe I should start thinking so too," the mom writes, adding, "Because wouldn't my soul feel a lot different if I stopped looking at my head-banded self in the mirror as 'that mom' who isn't putting enough into her appearance, and instead see 'that mom' whose kids see her as their queen. And one who should remember to treat herself like one too."

Schmidt understands why the post has resonated with so many other moms. "I think it gave moms a chance to look at themselves from a different perspective," she told "We can either choose to see a person who hasn't done their hair for the fifth day in a row and feel like a failure or 'not enough' because of it… or we can choose to honor ourselves and see a person who is doing the best she can… and doing a DARN GOOD JOB doing that."

I mean, amen to that! I am constantly glancing in the mirror and thinking, "Wish I had more time to put into my appearance!" Why don't I appreciate why I'm not able to sit in the bathroom and put on makeup and blow dry my hair? It's because like Schmidt, I'm a mom, and there are little people depending on me to love them, and raise them, and be focused on them, not my eyeliner. The truth is, I'm proud of my life, and I wouldn't change it. I'd much rather be a busy, frazzled mom whose kids know they come first, than look pulled-together and photo-ready.

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Thanks to this mom for making me, and likely many other headband-wearing moms, see our sloppy appearances as a badge of pride, instead of as an embarrassment! We are queens, no doubt, as long as our kids see us that way.

Melissa Willets is a writer, mom and coffee devotee. Find her on Facebook and Instagram where she chronicles her life momming under the influence. Of yoga.

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