Having one of those days when the noise and chaos of parenthood are really getting to you? Read this.

By Melissa Willets
November 16, 2016
jamie primak sullivan and family
Credit: Jaime Primak Sullivan/Facebook

Media personality and mama-of-three Jaime Primak Sullivan may just turn your crazy day around with a simple story of something that happened to her in a grocery store. Her now-viral Facebook post, which has garnered more than 10,000 reactions, will possibly even help you appreciate your kids' seemingly deafening noise.

Sullivan's post begins as she recounts her hectic schedule, saying she had just taken two flights to return home, making it back just in time to pick her kids up from school. "We went home, changed clothes, un packed back packs, started homework, made snacks, walked the dog, started laundry, made a grocery list, finished homework, filled water bottles and we were back in the car for basketball. I dropped Olivia off at practice and had 50 minutes to go food shopping."

As a mom of three, I can feel the exhaustion in her words.

"Max, Charlie and I walked in and immediately they saw flowers, then balloons, then free samples. Here is where I lost control, my system breaking down - they were giddy, touching everything, and not at all using their inside voices... " Sullivan writes, continuing to tap into that overwhelmed feeling most moms are all too familiar with.

"As I navigated the aisles - the repetition began. 'Can we get popsicles? Can you hold my balloon! I'm Hungry! Can I eat this?' I was hanging on by a thread." Why is she basically recounting every experience I've ever had in a grocery store?!?

Just as she began to fall into a "physically and emotionally exhausted," void, Sullivan says she felt two soft fingers reach out and lift her face, which had dropped to her chest.

"Chin up dear," was what an old woman about age 80 said, smiling at her warmly. "'I'm so tired' I said. She looked at my babies, laughing and chasing balloons and said... 'We're all tired. It's just a matter of what we're tired of. I'm tired of silence. My husband is gone, my children are grown and most days I don't hear so well, so for me, this noise is nice. Enjoy it while you still can.'"

Sullivan ends her post by writing, "I thanked her and went on with my shopping. Last night I prayed for that woman, for her heart and for the remaining days of her life. I felt incredibly thankful that she felt a call towards the human connection and acted on it. Lord knows I needed it."

I can't agree more that sometimes, when you're feeling like you just can't take another second of your kids fighting, screaming, or otherwise bouncing off the walls, it's all about perspective. My mom tells me all the time that this is the best time of my life; when my children are young, and need me, and never leave me alone! Because all too soon, they will be grown, and I'll miss when they hung on me, and held onto me for dear life when they got a tiny, little paper cut.

Deep down, despite the chaos and the crazy, I know she's right. I'm not always able to remember that advice in every hectic moment, but often, I do. Here's hoping if your day is starting to swallow you whole, you can think of Sullivan's experience, and/or my mother's words of wisdom.

Melissa Willets is a writer/blogger and a mom. Find her on Facebook where she chronicles her life momming under the influence. Of coffee.