You won't believe the before and after photos of this mom's cardboard creation for her daughter.

By Melissa Willets

So this one time my daughters and I built a clubhouse out of a big cardboard box. We cut out a door, and the girls decorated the inside with stickers and drawings. I thought we were badass. Um, yeah; a mom who created a cardboard play kitchen for her daughter has totally put our clubhouse to shame.

Rodessa Villanueva-Reyes/Facebook

Rodessa Villanueva Reyes from the Philippines took before and after photos of her jaw-dropping creation, and they have since gone viral. It's easy to see why; the "L" shaped mini-chef's playground, which was constructed using leftover boxes from friends, was custom cut and painted for Rodessa's 1-year-old Audrey, and it far surpasses anything this mom could have purchased from Pottery Barn Kids.

According to Pop Sugar, Rodessa started by blocking out the main shape of the kitchen with boxes, and then marked doors and an oven with a permanent marker. Along with her husband, this crafty mama cut sheets of vinyl stickers to cover the cardboard exteriors (and I thought it was paint. Wow).

My favorite touches are the aqua-and-white-striped awning over the kitchen's faux window. I also love the custom logo that says, "Audrey's Café and Restaurant," which truly makes this creation one-of-a-kind. The real pots, pans, and play food add the finishing touches.

Undoubtedly this toy took a lot of time to create. But I can guarantee Rodessa that Audrey will be playing with it forever. My daughters' play kitchen is going on seven years of use. They never tire of playing restaurant, and serving me and my husband meals like "eggs with strawberry sauce." Of course, their version was, ahem, purchased. Hey listen, we aren't all Rodessas!

What do you think of this incredible cardboard creation?

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