Sorry, but you may feel pretty inadequate about serving your kiddo a PB & J at lunchtime after seeing one mom's incredible mealtime creations.

little boy eating a healthy breakfast
Credit: Shutterstock

Mom Laleh Mohmedi is on a mission. No, not to make other moms feel inferior with her meal prep prowess, but to serve her son Jacob healthy, yet fun meals. And when I say "fun," I really mean incredibly creative, totally amazing, unbelievably inventive, and beautiful to look at.

You can see Mohmedi's colorful mealtime creations on her Instagram page, aptly called "Jacob's Food Diaries." Almost 50,000 people enjoy following this talented mama's culinary works of art, which look almost too good to eat! Like this Pinocchio that features pancakes for feet, black olives for hair, and Swiss cheese hands. Yum! (And wow.)

Or how about this Disney-inspired creation? Now that's the way to get kids to eat their veggies!

So how does Mohmedi come up with her ideas? According to Pop Sugar, Jacob will request a certain character (Mickey Mouse, maybe, or Kemit the Frog) and his mom will spend about a half hour creating a healthy meal that also depicts that character.

My personal favorite has to be Hank from Finding Dory.

I'm also very much a fan of the Carl plate from Up. Seriously, how does she do that?!

Meanwhile, Jacob is still astonished each time he prepares to dig into a plate created by his mom. "It has been a few months since I have started doing this and to this day he still gasps and says, 'Wow' for every creation!" she told Pop Sugar.

Way to go, Laleh! But also, why did you have to make me feel so crappy about feeding my girls yogurt and grapes cut in half today?

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