She was happy her teen got home safely, and hopes she learned an important lesson.

If my daughter ever got arrested for underage drinking during Spring Break, I'm pretty sure the last thing on my mind would be writing a thank-you note to the cop who hauled her in. But that's exactly what one Florida mom is currently going viral for, after Walton County Sheriff Michael Adkinson shared the letter on his Facebook page.

"The following is a letter we received this morning from a mother whose daughter was arrested in Walton County," he wrote, before typing it verbatim.

"I wanted to say thank you," the grateful mama began. "Yesterday, my daughter was one of the thousands of spoiled spring breakers living it up on the beach. She got arrested for underage drinking. She was holding a can of beer on the beach. A stupid move that I warned her about before she left, but I'm just her mother, so in one ear and out the other."

As a parent to a teen myself, I can totally relate.

The mom then went on to explain that the arrest scared the heck out of her kid, but she's hoping she learned her lesson. "The reason that I am sending this is that every officer that I talked to or that I could hear in the back ground talking to her was so nice!," she explained. "Each and every officer was respectful and assured me she would get back to her house safely. For a mom hundreds of miles away, that was very reassuring. I know you all have to deal with this on a daily basis, which must be completely annoying and I'm very sorry my daughter added to your workload yesterday. They say you always have one child that makes you go gray early and she is mine! Thank you for saving me a few more gray hairs last night."

Way to go, Mama! It must have taken a lot of courage to step back and let your teen learn the hard way. But actions speak louder than words, and by doing so—and then subsequently writing this note—you taught your daughter a big lesson in responsibility and accountability, and about respecting those who serve us. Great job by the cops, great parenting by the mother!

Hollee Actman Becker is a freelance writer, blogger, and mom of two who writes about parenting and pop culture. Check out her website for more, and then follow her on Instagram and Twitter.