The blogger mama behind Perfection Pending wants you to know it's totally fine if your house isn't spotless.


If you're tired of feeling bad about yourself after trying (and failing) to keep up at all those nifty cleaning schedules designed to assist you in scoring an immaculate home, mom-of-three Meredith Ethington is here to help. The blogger behind Perfection Pending knows only too well that when you have young kids, there is no such thing as a spotless house. So she decided to whip up her own guide to spiffing up the joint that will help any mom familiar with the housework struggle step up her cleaning game big time—or at least pretend to.

Called "A Real Mom's Guide to a Clean House," Ethington's sanity-saving method is broken down into bite-size suggestions for keeping things tidy on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. In the "Daily" column, you'll find assignments like "close bedrooms doors to your kids rooms so you forget how messy they are" and "let the dog clean up crumbs on the floor." TBH, I already do both of these things—which means, for once, I am totally ahead of the game!

a real moms guide to a clean house
Credit: Meredith Ethington/Perfection Pending

Over in the "Weekly" column, the hilarious mama suggests such passively-active activities as looking under the couch cushions for lost food, and considering washing the sheets but then letting them linger in the washing machine for three days. I'm SO happy to know I am not the only one who's done this. And according to Ethington, that's part of the reason she threw this thing together in the first place.

"I think mostly I just got tired of seeing all of the cleaning schedules on Pinterest that felt really unrealistic to me," she told us. "I have three small children and it seems like it's hard for me to stay on top of the housework most days, much less vacuum my couch or clean the baseboards. So I wrote it mostly to help myself feel better, but to also let other moms know that it's okay if their house isn't perfect."


Ethington is also down with letting the waterworks flow on occasion. In fact, she lists crying TWICE in the monthly to-do column (because, duh!), along with "consider burning house down because you're too far behind," "spend an entire day cleaning and forbid your children to come home," and then finally, "repeat all steps until you die."

It's so great to have something to look forward to, isn't it?

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