Danielle McConnell took to Facebook on January 1 to share a set of scary photos of her toddler's injury.

By Maressa Brown

No matter how much babyproofing you may do before your L.O. arrives, accidents happen. But if there's anything you can do to prevent them, you will -- and that includes warning other parents about potential hazards. A mom named Danielle McConnell did exactly that when she took to Facebook on January 1 to share a set of gruesome, heart-wrenching photos of her son following an accident involving a sliding door.

"Just wanted to make people aware about these tilt and slide doors," McConnell explained alongside the shots. "This door fell on top of my 2 year old and shattered on top of him. Researching today I found that this exact door fell on top of a toddler a few years back and killed her. My son was so lucky to walk away from this with cuts and bruises."

As McConnell notes, this is unfortunately not the first time that this kind of incident has happened. In 2009, a 2-year-old girl was killed when a sliding patio door fell off of its hinges and landed on her, causing massive head trauma that ultimately resulted in her death. And in '08, a 14-month-old girl died when a tilt and slide door, like the one that injured McConnell's little boy, fell on her.

McConnell ended her post by imploring other parents to take note of the possible haszard. "Someone else’s child may not be so lucky!" she wrote. "If anyone has or knows someone who has these type of doors please be aware as they can snap at the top and fall out. I’m so grateful my baby is ok!"

As difficult as it is to look at photos of the little boy, props to this mom for spreading the word on her heartbreaking experience. With hope, it'll encourage other parents to take certain precautions that could prevent injury or even save a child's life.



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