When her 6-year-old son got some bad advice on how to break up with his "girlfriend," this mom broke out an old-school apology move.

As much as we'd like to think that our children always do the right thing (ahem, since we're their parents and everything), even well-intended kiddos sometimes get it wrong. Such was the case when Irish mom Zowie Williams found out her 6-year-old son, Callum, broke up with his elementary-school girlfriend and said some not-so-nice words in front of his classmates.

In response, Zowie made her son apologize to his 'ex-girlfriend' with flowers, an old school gesture that doesn't go unnoticed. When she shared this story on her Facebook page, it quickly gained traction, probably because every mother can relate to wanting to raise a kind-hearted, loving son who is also respectful to women. So what exactly happened in this school-aged romance gone-wrong?

Williams explains that her son's 'girlfriend' was playing Duck, Duck, Goose with her besties, and wouldn't allow him to join because it was a girls-only game. This upset him and he complained to his friend, who gave him some (naughty!) advice on what he should say. Callum followed the lead of this pal and broke up with his girlfriend in front of everyone. But though he might have felt charged in the moment, Callum quickly realized he might have made a poor decision.

"When I got home, he came to me and told me how bad he felt and that 'he made a mistake.' He told me what happened, so I rang his girlfriend's mummy to check if she was okay," Williams told Parents.com. "His girlfriend had left school very upset and remained upset that day."

Though Williams says she was disappointed in her son's behavior, she was also proud that he gut-checked and came clean, even asking what he could do to make it up to her. Williams asked Callum what he thought he should do, and his first suggestion? Flowers.

"I also explained that buying flowers wouldn't automatically fix the problem. I also made sure that he understood he couldn't be mean and expect anything materialistic to fix what he says and that it is never okay to be mean to anyone, especially a girl," Williams said.

To ensure this gesture happened for the class to see, Williams made sure they were five minutes late to school, so they made an entrance. "He walked straight in head held high. His teacher looked baffled. Callum said 'Billy-Rea these are for you. I'm really sorry I was mean yesterday,'" Williams explained.

She gave him a big hug, and that afternoon? They held hands walking out of the school. And they've apparently been going on 'dates' and as Williams says, "their puppy love is back as it was, like nothing ever happened."