This Mom Comedian's Rant About Stressful Dress Shopping Is So On-Point

Kristin Hensley of comedic duo I Mom So Hard took to Facebook to get real about trying on dresses and sizing, and moms everywhere could relate!

Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley, the comedic duo known as I Mom So Hard, are no strangers to their hilarious content going viral. Back in May, they shared a rant about swimsuit season, which racked up over 19 million views. Now, Hensley's latest Facebook post, shared on October 27, tackles hunting for flattering dresses and has struck a chord with moms everywhere.

“I had to try on dresses today and nothing fit. It’s the worst feeling in the world!” the mom of two, who lives in LA, wrote. “I’m a size 10 (an 8 at the Gap) and most of it’s in my middle because I had babies. I run. I lift weights and I’m strong. And yet these fucking dresses made me feel weak, misshapen and lumpy, which in all honestly I kinda am.”

Hensley admits that she felt bad for herself through the whole shopping experience, but as soon as she arrived back home to her family, she had a change of heart. "Then I got home, looked at pictures of my kids, smelled the chicken I had cooking on the stove, and poured a glass of wine,” she wrote. “Because in the end, it’s just a dress. And I look better in pants anyway.” Bravo, mama!

More than 2,600 commenters responded to Hensley's confession, many posting photos of themselves in dresses and explaining how dress shopping has made them feel about their bodies, be it aggravated or empowered.

"Who needs a dress anyway?! I wore one for my wedding. That was more than enough for me," one commenter wrote.

Another shared, "Last weekend my hubby and I went to a wedding and the day of, I decided I HAD to have a new dress. I finally decided to muster up the courage to get the sparkly dress I'd been dreaming of. At a size 16, some think that form fitting, sparkly dresses aren't flattering, are 'too much,' too tight, no one wants to see that and the list goes on. I saw this dress and turned down the other dress that was 'flattering,' but I didn't love. It's just a dress and it's one some people think I shouldn't wear but I LOVED how I felt and how my hubby saw me wearing it and could tell how happy I was. I've worked hard to make peace and love my body. Wear the dress ladies!"

As the post has picked up steam, Hensley and Smedley have enjoyed checking out all the positive feedback. "Our favorite thing about the experience is watching other moms support each other in the comments section!" Hensley tells "It's truly incredible!"

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Love that Hensley got this conversation started. No matter where you stand on dress shopping, your feelings are totally valid! Ultimately, though, clothing is just clothing and it shouldn't have the power to make us miserable!

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