The Internet is loving this dad who dressed up as a mermaid with his daughter at Disneyland.
merdad and his mermaid daughter
Credit: taratorial/Reddit

A photo of a dad who dressed up as a mermaid with his little girl at Disneyland is winning the Internet today. The touching image, which was posted to Reddit, has not only gone viral, with a more-than-seaworthy 1.3 million views at the time of writing, but it has also been embraced by the online dad community who agree they'd do just about anything to be part of their daughters' worlds.

"Begin slow clap. That's a cool dad right there!" one commenter said on Reddit in response to the photo of the unknown father dressed in a sparkly mermaid tail and a crown, likely going for a King Triton look, while holding the hand of his Ariel-costume clad daughter.

Another commenter nailed the takeaway of the photo with this so-true comment: "Dads think all day and night about what will make their daughters happy, and then they try their best to make it happen, some how, some way, and they're devastated when they can't. This guy got those outfits and came up with the idea of wearing it for one reason, and one reason only - he wanted to see his little girl's eyes light up.... Nothing else matters to a Dad, ever. Don't kid yourself about that. You are the only thing he thinks about day in and day out."

Sniff. I'm thinking of my own husband, who is a dad to three little girls. He too would do, and has done, anything to make them smile, including wearing fairy wings, tiaras, and long wigs. He's played Barbies and My Little Ponies and princesses countless times. And he doesn't mind at all! If that's what his little girls want, then he's not too proud to go along with it.

In fact, we are headed to Disney World in a few days, and I wouldn't be surprised if he dresses similarly to Mer-dad. Or maybe he'll try the Dad-punzel look instead...

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