This Marine Dad's Pre-Holiday Celebrations With His Son Are the Sweetest Idea Ever

Marine dad John York made sure he got to spend every holiday with his son by celebrating them all before he was deployed.

Marine John York celebrated holidays with his son Bryson before his deployment
Photo: Courtesy of Priscilla York

Marine dad John York had just 10 days of pre-deployment leave, and he chose to spend most of it with his three-year-old son Bryson. He helped him learn to swim, hung out at the playground, engaged in a little Face Swapping, and had a pretty major jam session in the car.

But then, Dad decided to take things one step further. His idea? Since he wouldn't be home for all of his son's favorite holidays, he figured why not celebrate them a little early!

So the duo hit up every house on the block—with the little guy dressed as Woody from Toy Story—for some pre-Halloween trick-or-treating. They opened up presents next to a tiny lit-up tree for Christmas. John even made sure they celebrated Bryson's fourth birthday, complete with a cake that appears to be pimped out with trick candles!

This guy really thought of everything. He even had a shiny, new red bike at the ready as Bryson's gift. Pretty amazing!

John's wife Priscilla apparently thought so, too. So she secretly filmed each celebration, then with Bryson's help, turned the whole thing into a video that they presented to John at their celebration Father's Day. Only this time, there was a surprise at the end for Dad—his son explaining how much he means to him via subtitles scrolling across the screen.

"I just want you to know that I love you," it begins. "And whether you are away or home, my heart is always so full of love because you do the dad thing right."


According to Priscilla, John had no idea she was making the video. "When I showed it to him I think he watched it 1,000 times over and over and over again," she told ABC News. "The video made his vision come to life in a way he didn't expect. I think the whole process meant more to him knowing that it was recorded like that."

What an amazing threesome—#FamilyGoals for sure!

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