Two-year-old Mila speaks some truth about motherhood in this adorable video that any parent of a toddler can probably relate to.

Mila Stauffer may only be 2, but she already gets that motherhood is a serious struggle. In a hilarious new video posted by—who else?—her mom on Instagram, the adorable toddler expertly breaks it all down from the bathtub.

"Ok, listen," she begins, holding up a doll. "I'm totally annoyed with my baby. She's too much work!"

So relatable.

"'I'm hungry! Change my diaper! Wah, wah, wahh,'" Mila whines, in perfect imitation of a kid somewhere right around her own age. "Seriously? Change your own diaper, Baby, I'm just a kid... I just... I don't have time for this. So much responsibilities! I have a social life. Maybe I can find a daycare. Ugh! Is it naptime yet?"

This girl is totally my spirit animal. I mean, I've been a mom for almost 15 years and I'm STILL waiting for naptime. And while we're 99.9 percent sure Mila's mom is the mastermind behind this all-too-perfect rant, we loved watching the precocious little mermaid act the whole thing out while splashing around in the tub anyway. Though TBH, I may have spent half the time wondering where I could find an adult-sized version of that killer palm-print one-piece, and wondering how Mila got her eyebrows to stay so totally on-point underwater.

What? I used to have a social life too, you know. Wah, wah, wahh.

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