This 11-year-old has just one selfless wish this holiday season.
little girls letter to Santa
Credit: Debby Chalk/Facebook

While other kids are busy asking Santa for things like the Xbox One or a hoverboard, an 11-year-old girl has a different kind of wish for Christmas this year: that her sick mom will finally start to feel better.

Bobbie-Mae Chalk wrote her letter to Santa last week along with millions of other kids, then gave it to her mom, Debby Chalk—who's suffered from Crohn's disease since 2006—to deliver to the big guy at the North Pole. Imagine Mom's suprise when she realized the only thing on her daughter's list was about her!

"Dear Santa, Please, if you can, make my mum's life better," the young girl wrote. "Make her not feel ill all the time. I would really appreciate it. Just PLEASE!! Make her life more and more better. It [hurts] to [watch] her suffer, so please make it better. If I had one wish in the whole world it would be to help."

"I welled up and couldn't believe it," said Chalk of reading the letter. "Makes me so proud to be her mum."

In fact, Chalk was so touched by the note that she decided to share it on the Crohn's and Collitis UK Facebook page, along with the caption: "My daughter gave me her letter to post to Santa last night and I thought I'd share it with you guys. I was a little bit surprised as I always feel like I put on a brave face and hide my illness well but clearly nothing gets past her. Love her <3"

And apparently, Chalk is not the only one—Bobbie-Mae's letter has already been shared more than 700 times and racked up more than 7,500 likes.

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