An adorable viral video shows a little girl discovering "a robot" in her neighborhood.

By Hollee Actman Becker
March 28, 2017

When my son was little, he thought the Empire State Building was called the Pirate State Building. And so when we were visiting New York City one day and decided to head up to the top of the landmark, he was pretty bummed out when we finally explained to him that we weren't going to see any pirates up there.

Gotta love kids, right? The amount of silly things our little ones think or believe when they're still young and innocent is actually kind of amazing. And of course, the anecdotes make for some pretty great stories for all of us parents to relay at parties. None better, perhaps, then this cute little girl named Rayna, who is currently going viral after stumbling across a broken hot water heater in the street and mistaking it for a friendly neighborhood robot.

So. Perfect! I mean... I could listen to that little voice saying "Hi robot!" all day. And were you hoping that damn water heater would suddenly come alive and respond to her as much as I was? In the end, though, I guess it didn't matter. Because despite the lack of reply, Rayna marched right up and enveloped the big old hunk of metal in a sweet hug. Can you really blame her, though? That thing looks almost identical to Rosie from The Jetsons:


You see it, right? Also, is it just me or does Rayna kinda sound like The Jetson's dog Astro when she says "I wuv ru, robot"? And what's up with that manhole cover she goes to check out at the end of the clip? Is she hoping to find some old dead batteries in there she can swap out in order to finally get her robot up and running?

Help! Jane! Start this crazy thing!

Please tell me this little girl's mom's name is Jane.

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