The adorable toddler and newlywed bride bonded in the sweetest random-encounter photo shoot we've ever seen!


If you're a mom to a little girl, chances are you may have witnessed her love for Disney princesses turn into a make-believe wedding in your living room, complete with a very-chic white sheet make-shift gown. Though she won't tie the knot for decades, there's something about being a princess and being a bride that go hand-in-hand for little ones. That's why this sweet story of a toddler spotting a bride and mistaking her for a princess is warming our hearts.

Bride as Storybook Princess 5
Credit: Stephanie Cristalli

On her wedding day, newlywed Shandance Robertson was looking for a place to snap some photos with her husband, Scott, when a mother and daughter caught their attention. The mom whispered to Shandance that her daughter thought she was 'the princess from her book.'

Bride as Storybook Princess 1
Credit: Stephanie Cristalli

Flattered, Shandance bent down to say 'hi' to the little gal. "She didn't say much, she just smiled ear to ear. I gave her a flower from my bouquet so she'd remember the moment," Shandance told "Since I love children, I asked the mom if I could hold her and as I am holding her, her face expressed how we both felt: overjoyed."

Bride as Storybook Princess 4
Credit: Stephanie Cristalli

Photographer Stephanie Cristalli caught the sweet moment on camera, adding a very special image to Shandance and Scott's wedding album. "This moment caused my already-full heart to overflow. Scott and I were talking about that moment weeks after our wedding was over. I love kids and babies so I was thrilled when she let me hold her," Shandance said. "It felt wonderful but she was the true princess. She made my day by letting me spend time with her."

Bride as Storybook Princess 3
Credit: Stephanie Cristalli

It was a win-win experience for both families. And there's an added bonus. As Kelsey Edwards, the mom of the princess-loving little lady joked to Shandance, "You saved me a trip to Disney!"