Little Kimber loves Costco so much, she asked for her fifth birthday party to be themed after the superstore--and her parents came through big time! 


I am all for a creative birthday party themes. Like this one that we told you about last week, where an adorable 1-year-old subbed out sugar for tacos for her amazing first bday smash photos.

And who could forget Ryan Curry’s Hawaiian luau.

When my own kids were little, we did everything from a Wizard of Oz shindig—compete with Glinda wands, a yellow-brick-road entranceway, and a roaming Dorothy decked out in braids and blue-and-white gingham—to a full-on Survivor-themed bash that involved message-in-a-bottle invites, a tent-building competition, and a gross food challenge that left one party guest puking after attempting to swallow a Dixie cup full of dry sprinkles (still haven’t lived that one down).

But this North Carolina 5-year-old’s party theme really takes the cake:

Costco Birthday 1
Credit: Courtesy of Walker Family

That’s right, Kimber Walker had a Costco-themed birthday party.

Costco Birthday 2
Credit: Courtesy of Walker Family
Costco Birthday 3
Credit: Courtesy of Walker Family
Costco Birthday 4
Credit: Courtesy of Walker Family

“She is obsessed with Costco,” her mom Niki told The Huffington Post.. “We served hot dogs and pizza, set up sample stations, printed dollars with her face on them, [and] had Kirkland ice cream. We also had a little shop set up, and everyone designed their own ‘membership cards.'”

Costco Birthday 5
Credit: Courtesy of Walker Family
Costco Birthday 6
Credit: Courtesy of Walker Family
Costco Birthday 7
Credit: Courtesy of Walker Family

Love it! And get this: The Walkers decided to name the guest of honor Employee of the Month—natch—and the local Winston-Salem store even hooked her up with her own special name badge.

[iframe src="…" width="500" height="180" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowTransparency="true"][/iframe]

Too cute! Just one question—if everything at Costco comes in bulk, why is there only one tiny candle on Kimber’s cake? Still an epic party though, no matter how you slice it.

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