Because there's nothing quite like the joy of discovering something for the very first time.

By Hollee Actman Becker
September 26, 2016

Reddit user Togakure is winning the Internet right now after posting what has got to be the most incredible reaction of a kid meeting a ballerina for the first time that we've ever seen:

Check it out:

Credit: Togakure/Reddit

So amazing! There's nothing quite like the experience of discovering something for the very first time. In fact, Redditors were so taken with the little girl's incredulous sense of wonder, they were inspired to recall some of their own magical childhood moments in the post's comments section.

"Back when I was about nine years old, I kept myself up at night by reading novelizations of the original Star Trek series," wrote one. "Then, one fateful day, I happened to be watching television at my grandmother's house and an episode of Star Trek came on. I quite literally screamed with excitement, and I expect my face looked rather like that. I think I was more elated than I would have been if Kirk himself had showed up."

Highly illogical.

"I did something similar when i was 12," added another commenter. "I saw a back to the future box set in a shopping centre and vocally mustered my most aggressive swear word at the time, "oh my heck dad!". Simpler pleasures being 12!"

Pretty cute. But it took a third Redditor's comment to remind us that even as adults, there can be great joy in encountering something over and over again.

"Funny," he wrote. "that's the same reaction I have when I see pizza."

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