If you've been trying to teach your kids to tie their shoelaces without much success, step aside and let the master do his thing. 

By Zara Husaini Hanawalt

Teaching your little ones to tie their shoelaces can be one of the more frustrating parenting lessons. It's just really hard to have your own adult-sized fingers demonstrate what your kiddo's tiny hands should do, you know?

With that in mind, maybe the answer is to have another kid teach yours how to master the trick—and that kid just might be Colton, a five-year-old who is going viral after demonstrating his go-to tying trick (it helps that he's super cute, but this kid actually does have a pretty sweet technique up his sleeve!).

The video of Colton sharing his hack appears on Love What Matters' Facebook page, where it has been viewed over five million times. "My name is Colton and there's a new way to tie shoes," the little guy says. He also tells us he has a loose tooth—important info!


But the main attraction is all about the laces: Colton demonstrates his trick, which involves sticking the ends of a laces through holes in the shoes, then crossing the laces one with under the other before tying. After he finishes tying them, Colton pulls the laces out of the holes and then admits he learned the trick from a friend.

Other kids are clearly benefiting from Colton's video. "Awesome! We did it!! My five yr old struggled so much and we have watched YouTube videos with no success.. watched this and did it right away!! He is so proud of himself!!" one Facebook user writes. Another adds: "Thanks Colton for your very handy video. My 5 year old has been struggling to get the hang of tying his shoes. One look at your vid and he's now a pro!!"

Parents, will you be using this video to teach your own kids how to tie their shoes? It seems to have a great success rate!


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