One little girl's meltdown somehow led an entire airport waiting area to burst into song. Luckily, a fellow traveler live-tweeted the entire epic scenario.

If you're in the market for a creative way to deal with your child's next airport meltdown, you may want to consider an epic Disney sing-along. Sure, it seems like a pretty roundabout way to deal with an all-too-familiar problem. But it definitely worked for one family, after the daughter started pitching a fit because her mom had brought along Finding Nemo—a movie only her brother wanted to watch—instead of Finding Dory.

Oh, snap! And yes, the entire scenario was brilliantly detailed by New York Times bestselling author Seanan McGuire over on her Twitter feed.

Us, too! So how do the kids decide to solve the now-escalating dilemma? By taking a cue from the characters in their fave Disney movies and bursting into song, duh.

Their mother, of course, was predictably appalled. But even as she tried to shut her children's performance down, other parents began to chime in with their support.

Looking back on the musical incident, McGuire told us, "Long flights are awful for adults, and for kids they're somewhere between boring and torturous. I love the atmosphere that sometimes springs up in an international departure lounge, where adults join together to try to tucker children out before takeoff."

This is just all SO Disney! And proof that Madonna was right—music really does make the people come together.

Well, except, of course, for the mom.

I guess every good Disney musical needs a proper villain, right? Not to mention a courageous hero or two:

"This was so much fun to watch," McGuire said. "Adults heading for destinations around the world stepped in to turn frowns upside-down and get the kids both relaxed and weary before their trip."

All's well that ends well. But alas, it was time for our beloved narrator to bid us all adieu:

Take a bow, Seanan, because you da real MVP! If you need us, we'll just be sitting right here waiting for an encore.

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