This Kid Had the Perfect Response to a Sexist Homework Question

"Hospital lady." Nurse? Try surgeon!

An awesome little girl kicked some sexist homework's butt and the Internet is doing a collective slow clap.

A tweet that was originally posted by U.K.-based liver and pancreatic surgeon Robert Sutcliffe shows a worksheet that asks students to write words with a "ur" in the middle. A question toward the end of the assignment says "hospital lady," and the word that would satisfy that description is to be filled in on the blank.

The answer was supposed to be, you guessed it, "nurse." Instead, the smarty-pants kiddo wrote, "surgeon." Get it girl!

According to Pop Sugar, it was the surgeon's daughter who received the sexist homework. After posting the photo of the ditto (I'm bringing that word back, people!), it was shared again on Twitter, and subsequently favorited 8,500 times.

Of course, some commenters were quick to mock the tweet, pointing out among other things that it looked like the worksheet was digitally altered, and that some of the questions were left blank. Oh, and that publishing the picture amounted to propaganda.

Um, okay. Or this was a great example of how we need to be aware of what messages our kids are receiving from their school work. I think it's awesome that the child's mind went to "surgeon." Not that being a nurse isn't a noble profession. Both are very much-needed and honorable jobs.

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The real issue seems to be the wording, "hospital lady," especially since there are plenty of male nurses out there as well. How about "someone who saves lives in a hospital." Or, "Someone who works at a hospital." (And both surgeons and nurses fit the bill there, too!)

What is your take?

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