When her 4-year-old asked for a party based on the hilarious 90s flick starring Robin Williams, this mom delivered, and then some!


A 4-year-old boy from Michigan just had a pretty epic birthday party. The theme? Why, Mrs. Doubtfire, dear!

Laura Kowalski and Child in Sunglasses
Credit: Courtesy Laura Kowalski

Mom Laura Kowalski was the one who introduced her son Evan to the movie about six months ago. But even so, she admits the request caught her off guard. She tried to suggest a few other party ideas—you know, things like soccer (which she told us he just started playing) or bugs (which she said he loves)—but Evan wasn't having it.

"He shot back, 'Mrs Doubtfire' as if he'd been planning it all along!" she told Parents.com. "Who knows, maybe he was?"

We like this kid already!

Kowalski had no choice but to get on-board the Doubtfire bus, and then try to figure out how to steer the thing. Searches on Pinterest, Etsy, and Google turned up zilch. But this mom-of-three was on a mission to recreate the legendary comedy for her kid, and finally found a baker on Facebook who was ready to take on the challenge.

Baker Angie Claxon of Cakes By Sweetypants told Parents.com that she loves unusual cake requests, and this one took two working days to make. "I've done several caricature cakes—the Gruffalo, Ellen, Madonna," she told us. "But this was Mrs. Doubtfire, which made it really unique. It's a family-favorite movie of ours!"

Check it out:

Pretty cool, right?

Claxon knew she wanted to include the movie's infamous meringue-pie-as-a-face-mask scene, but she also wanted the cake to be fun for a 4-year-old, so she added on the balloons, pot lids, and, of course, those pesky little dentures.

Kowalski then tossed in a few creative nods to the flick of her own—like goodie bags decorated with Mrs. Doubtfire's face that read "Thank you for coming, dear":

doubtfire party
Credit: Courtesy Laura Kowalski

And fruit kebabs with an "It was a run-by fruiting" sign—a quote from the movie's hilarious pool scene:

doubtfire party 2
Credit: Courtesy Laura Kowalski

Like we said, this bash was epic. The only thing missing was the mobile petting zoo from Doubtfire's pivotal house party scene.

Then again, maybe that was a good thing.

As for how she could possibly top the celebration next year, Kowalski says she's at a loss. "I feel like I should be asking Evan now what he wants for his 5th birthday if he's going to chose such unique themes," she told us. "But on the other hand, he set the bar so high I'm a little nervous to hear what he will want next!"

For what it's worth, a "Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead" shindig gets our vote. Clown dogs, cucumber slices, and one of Kenny's gourmet meals? I'm right on top of that, Rose!

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