A model father and his beautiful little girl take hair styling to an entirely new level on Instagram.


You've heard of ties that bind, but in the case of LA-based model and artist Benny Harlem and his daughter Jaxyn, it's all about the tresses that bind them together. For in a series of truly spellbinding images posted to the dad's Instagram account, this look-alike duo shows off their luxe, long locks, as well as their seemingly amazing connection.

dad and daughter hair stars
Credit: Benny Harlem/Instagram

As Harlem told xeecole.com, not having a father growing up, and then being rejected by his dad later in life, was heartbreaking for him. "I turned that heartbreak into drive. And I teach my daughter to do the same," he said.

harlem and his look-alike daughter
Credit: Benny Harlem/Instagram

Harlem, who says he "grew up around all women," is clearly teaching his own daughter to be a strong and proud African-American woman. When asked by a peer why her hair was so puffy, Harlem recounts on Instagram how Jaxyn replied, "...it's not that its puffy it's just the texture of my hair... and the texture of my hair is one of the many things that liberates me."

harlem and daughter
Credit: Benny Harlem/Instagram

"She's a beautiful girl who's gonna be a pretty woman, but I teach her to love herself first. She doesn't need to seek that in a man or from watching TV or her friends," explains Harlem.

harlem's hair
Credit: Benny Harlem/Instagram

As for how the duo takes care of their waist-length manes, Harlem said he looks at hair like a plant, which needs natural ingredients to grow and thrive.

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