This Hilariously Familiar Mom-Daughter Moment Won the Oscars

Among all the glitz and glamour of last night's Oscars, a red-carpet interview caught an incredibly real (and awkward) mom-daughter moment between Fifty Shades of Grey star Dakota Johnson and her Working Girl mother Melanie Griffith. When "Good Morning America's" Lara Spencer asked the obvious question of whether Melanie has seen or will see her daughter in the kinky film, the two didn't fall into made-for-TV patter. In fact, it seemed like the first time they've talked about it, at least in a while, with Melanie saying she doesn't think she could watch it and Dakota saying she could—and then getting all pouty and teenager-y when her mom doesn't seem to believe her. I mean, Dakota even does an eye roll and mutters under her breath. It's genius.

Haven't we all been there? While your moment probably was not about whether a mom should see her daughter exploring a "red room," most mothers and daughters likely recognized the situation as one they've been in themselves. I know I did, and I've been on both sides of that type of convo. Oh yes, I was a petulant teenager who occasionally regressed back to it in early adulthood when dealing with my parents. And now I have a sassy daughter who is eight going on 13. Paybacks are hell, as they say.

The scene was so spot on in terms of Dakota's frustrated behavior, and Melanie's attempt to laugh off the potentially embarassing exchange because they are in public. And by public I mean being broadcast to millions of people. Do you think Melanie gave Dakota a time-out when they got home? Or maybe she just called in Jamie Dornan/Christian Grey to give her a spanking.

Ellen Sturm Niz is a New York City-based editor and writer who apologizes to her mom for ever giving her an eye roll. Follow her on Twitter and Pinterest.

Image via Melanie Griffith's Instagram.

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